June 28, 2019

001 - 5 Tips To Help You Succeed With Online Guitar Lessons

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The internet has totally changed the way we learn. Go back a few years and if you wanted to learn something new you had to borrow a dusty book from the library or befriended a wise old person. These days you just hop on over to Google or YouTube and the world is at your fingertips. Technology is amazing and has made it possible for millions of people to learn to play guitar online. With so many courses and lessons to choose from learning to play guitar online is now a viable option and can be a godsend if you don’t have a local guitar teacher or the spare cash for private instruction. Now, as awesome as the internet is at helping people learn to play the guitar there are a few vital things that will help you be more successful that often get overlooked. In this episode of the Beginner Guitar Academy podcast I want to give you 5 tips that will help you be more successful with learning guitar online.

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