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Thank you Paul!

Short, straight to the point guitar playing knowledge with no fluff and filler. No 10 minute ad reads. Really my favorite pod. I just recently joined BGA and am blown away by the structure and quality of the academy. Anyone out there listening who even remotely likes this content needs to try BGA. Stop the YouTube learning and get to progress!

Just Excellent In Every Way!

I have listened to almost all of these podcasts, and for the beginner/intermediate guitar player who is interested in improving this podcast is in a word—Superb!

Great Info Every Week

Paul’s podcasts are perfect for beginner to intermediate guitar players. I struggled the first two to three years of trying to learn to play guitar through online options, then came across this podcast…perfect! Practical and accessible advice that I could implement immediately. Joined Paul’s Beginner Guitar Academy about 3 months ago and have made more progress than in the prior two years. Plus, I been able to identify and eliminate (almost) the bad habits I’d picked up in other online course. Highly recommend this podcast and the BGAcademt.

Excellent Beginner Guitar Podcast

I decided to learn guitar and stumbled upon this Podcast. Paul is an excellent teacher and it comes through in this podcast. I have listened to the first 70 episodes of the podcast so far, and what I like about is how thoroughly Paul goes though a subject. While I listen in my car, I get great information packed into an easy to listen show, then I go to the show notes online afterwards and he has great resources on there for me to pick up where the show stopped and continue to learn or research. Thank you!

I can't wait to get home and pick up my guitar!

I picked up guitar a few months ago when the opportunity arose to take 8 weeks of free group classes. I made really fast progress, however, when the classes ended I felt a little unmoored in what I should be doing when I practiced to the point where all progress grinded to a near standstill luckily I found this podcast. Paul is great, he's very knowledgeable, and understands how to explain concepts, ideas, and training techniques in a way a beginner can understand. I ended up joining BGA academy after cruising through 50 episodes of the podcast in 4 days. It's going great, I highly recommend checking out the podcast whether you're looking for lessons or just ideas on how to progress. Every time I listen to an episode I can't wait to get home and pick up my guitar.

Awesome guitar podcast

Paul does a great job teaching listeners about playing guitar through a well organized podcast about a structured way to learn guitar.

Inspirational Learning

Paul does a great job walking beginner guitar players through a structured approach to learning. His podcast feeds off his BGA website and community that I recently joined. His knowledge, relatability, and great personality make learning fun. I found this podcast and because of it am now a member of Beginner Guitar Academy. I’m loving this podcast and his great content on his website and BGA community. Thank you Paul for the unique, interactive, and fun approach to helping beginners learn the good habits to keep them motivated to learn the guitar. The last thing you’ll get with Paul is a dusty guitar 😉

The Best!

THE single best guitar podcast available. Short and to the point, yet packed with useful information.

Exceptional Find

If you’re looking for a beginning or restarting point for learning to play the guitar - this is it! I started with Paul’s podcast, checked out his Amazon book, and joined his academy online. What’s great about Paul’s podcast and instruction is that it saves me time by keeping practice lessons focused - I’m not searching all over YouTube clicking on the next shiny thing. I don’t have to think about what to practice next, Paul has already done the search work for me, and his podcast reinforces those basics and gives me ideas on what to explore next.

Best and most interactive online guitar lessons!!

I can’t say enough at how easy the lessons are. I’m now on my second month taking the online course and have learned so much. Stop waisting you’re time on YouTube trying to pause and play random lessons. This is a structured and very simple guitar lesson structure if you have 15 minutes a day or 1 hour a day. It’s allot of fun with a community to encourage and ask questions! You won’t be disappointed, I love Paul’s teaching techniques and his quick response to every question. Great job Paul!!!


Paul is such an incredible teacher! I love the way he takes his time and explains everything thouroghly. Can't wiat to hear more episodes!