Oct. 23, 2021

048 - Beginners Guide To Guitar Amps

If you are new to electric guitar and are looking to buy your first guitar amp or have been playing a while and are looking to upgrade, make sure you check out this weeks episode of the podcast to learn all about guitar amps.

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The four different types of amps:

  1. Solid State
  2. Tube/Valve
  3. Modelling
  4. Hybrid

When buying a new amp ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I going to be playing out live with it?
  • Is it just for practice at home?
  • Do I want an amp that will need an app to operate it or a standalone amp?
  • Do I want Bluetooth audio streaming?

These questions will help determine what type of amp will best suit your needs.

Best amps for at home and playing out live:


Line 6 Spider V MkII

Desktop Amps

Positive Grid Spark 

Yamaha THR-2 

Personal Amps

Micro mustang 

IK Multimedia iRig 

BOSS Waza-Air Wireless Guitar Amp Headphones


Anderton's review of the Waza-Air Headphones

Boss Katana 50 MkII vs Yamaha THR30-II

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