Nov. 6, 2021

050 - 7 Steps To Faster Chord Changes

In this weeks episode, I take you through 7 steps that will make your chord changes faster & smoother.

I also announce the winner of our giveaway to win a year's access to Beginner Guitar Academy worth $468

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Member News

The recording from last week's workshop 'Get To Grips With Power Chords' is now live in the academy, members use the link below to access it:

The first episode of The Academy Show will be released on Monday. The Academy Show is a new monthly show recapping everything that went out in the academy in the previous month so members do not miss out on any new content, updates or news.

7 Steps To Faster Chord Changes

  1. Isolation
  2. Folded Corner Technique 
  3. Minimum Pressure
  4. Minimal Movement 
  5. Start Slow 
  6. Window Wipers Technique
  7. Leave The Chord Early

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