April 22, 2022

074 - What Is A Guitar Setup & Do I Need One?

In this episode, I will walk you through exactly what a guitar setup is and answer the question, do you need one?


What Is A Guitar Setup?

A guitar setup is a series of adjustments made to a guitar to ensure it is in good working order and maximize its playability.

Because guitars are largely made from wood, they tend to react quite drastically to the environment they are kept in.

The heat and cold can twist and warp the neck, and the humidity can cause the body wood to bloat or dry out, particularly in acoustic guitars.

Also, the constant tension from strong metal strings takes its toll, and you need to make sure that tension is balanced correctly to help keep the guitar in tune and playing correctly.

Performing a regular setup addresses the changes a guitar goes through over time and returns it to its proper condition.

How Do I Know If I Need One?

  • If you’ve gone a year without a guitar setup.
  • If you’ve just purchased a new guitar and need it set up to your taste.
  • You’ve bought a second-hand guitar and don’t know when it last had a setup.
  • You’re struggling to play it because the strings are too high up from the fretboard.
  • Some notes buzz or hardly give any sound at all.
  • The intonation is out.
  • There’s visible damage.
  • The nut or frets have sharp edges that make the guitar uncomfortable to play.
  • The guitar doesn’t stay in tune.
  • You consistently break strings in the same place.

DIY Setup Videos

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