Aug. 19, 2022

091 - 3 Steps To Learn Songs

If you have struggled with learning songs in the past, then this episode is for you. I will walk you through the three steps to help you learn a song quicker, easier and with less frustration.


  • Road tripping
  • Note Reading Practice Challenge 

Main Content

"Whatever you learn is the tip of the iceberg— dive underwater and find the rest of the iceberg" - John Mayer

Step 1 - Create an Ultimate Songlist

Step 2 - Research the songs

  • Go to a free Guitar TAB website or YouTube and search for the songs on your list
  • List the different skills & techniques the songs use
  • Order the skills/techniques into difficulty

Step 3 - Start learning a song

  • Simplify the chords by removing the strum pattern and only strumming once per chord or bar.
  • Break the song down into its different sections, Intro, Verse, Chorus etc., then break these sections into smaller chunks to make them easier to work through.
  • Once you have played through the simplified version of the song, then go back and start building up the strum pattern and adding back the harder elements such as riffs, solos etc.
  • Slower Shorter Simpler


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