Dec. 9, 2022

107 - Best Apps For Guitarists

In this week's episode, I'm going through the best apps for guitarists. So make sure you have got some spare storage on your phone and WIFI access, then get downloading.


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Best Tuner

Pro Metronome - iOS

Pro Metronome - Android 

Best Chord Library

ChordBank - iOS

ChordBank - Android 

Best Recorder

GarageBand - iOS

Best Virtual Amp

Amplitube CS - iOS

Amplitube CS - Android 

Bias FX - iOS

Best For Learning to Play Songs

Ultimate Guitar - iOS

Ultimate Guitar - Android

Best Song Practice Tool

Moises - iOS

Moises - Android 

Best For Theory & Learning Notes On The Neck

Tenuto - iOS

Best For Ear Training

EarMaster - iOS

EarMaster - Android 

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