Jan. 27, 2023

114 - What’s All The Fuss About Jimi Hendrix?

In this week's episode, I will try to answer one of my student's questions, What’s All The Fuss About Jimi Hendrix? So if you are wondering the same thing, keep listening.

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Main Content

The Isley Brothers talking about Hendrix - https://youtu.be/XvATqTKI3Uc

Testify - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voyQ0gEsjOU

Little Richard talking about Hendrix - https://youtu.be/MHlRa-RPjWE

Shotgun - https://youtu.be/rXSATScJYRo

Jimi Hendrix Made In London BBC Radio - https://youtu.be/GYeuapx4pwk

Jimi Hendrix - National Anthem U.S.A (Woodstock 1969)https://youtu.be/ezI1uya213I

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